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Creativity and Entrepreneurship Centre - What are the sorts of personal development courses at ahe

Personal Development Workshops

A two-days workshops of personal development run during the first year of studies apply activating methods to help students integrate within their group, know themselves in areas of emotions, thought processes and deeds, ways of communicating with the others. The type of proposed workshops are modified and adjusted according to the specialization students chose. Students will develop their skills of communication and cooperation with other people, successful negotiations, finding creative solutions to the problems they face. The workshops are an indispensable element of modern education. They combine personal development with gaining specific professional abilities connected with interpersonal relations.

My Life-Project

The course stimulates students entrepreneurial attitude. Hence the course inspires creation of work-places. During these classes students gain skills to: formulate the project they undertake; find opportunities for their own initiative; use their own skills and resources to meet the market needs; search for allies and financial sources; gain consciousness of meaning of the innovative element in the project; as well as construct standard business plan.

Innovative Management

The main problem which the manager faces is how to inspire the employees to be highly efficient, which today means creative. We try to teach students that this goal can only be achieved by giving employees autonomy to make decision regarding their work, arousing employees awareness of their role in the organization, which requires their ability to plan their path of career in the company and in their personal life.
This is what we mean by management through autonomy. We also teach students the art of team-work. Team-work requires interpersonal skills, awareness of emotions, of other points of view, of glasses we wear. This can be granted only by training methods which we include in the program of the course.

Value Awareness Workshops

These classes, unlike the theoretical ethics classes, have practical character. They enable students to be aware of their hierarchy of values and learn about the values important to others along with the choices consequences. Students practice decision making and develop the ability of evaluation. Experiences students gain during the workshops help them make conscious and right choices in their life in the future.

Methodology of Subjectivity Education

This course is included in all specializations of Postgraduate Pedagogy Studies. The course aims at teaching students practical skills needed for single-handed design of situations and exercises, which would be helpful in willful development of personal autonomy. The stress is laid on the methodology of leading a workshop through practical verification. It is also a chance for students to broaden their repertoire of activities, abilities of evaluation thus creating innovative attitudes and developing self-evaluation.

Creative Activity Workshops

The classes are conducted in the form of a workshop. They help students to confront their attitudes with others. They have an opportunity to exchange their ideas and projects in the group. They also learn how to use new methods and techniques of creative problem-solving. Participants prepare to act in a creative and open way in their future work. They use their imagination and intuition to find new solutions. The workshop helps them overcome routine and schematic activities.
The target is to prepare students to create their own vision of their future work, to co-operate and communicate in the group and to solve the real problems.