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The Audit

The aim of the Audit is perfecting company organization, constant introduction of innovations and enabling creative attitude of junior employees. The Audit defines the area of autonomy in a particular company section. This freedom enables the employees organize and improve their work using their own creative potential. The Audit process executes periodical evaluation of effectiveness and management of the performed tasks and suggests improvement of the performed tasks and suggests improvements in cooperation and development in all the firm?s sections.

The Audit which uses workshop techniques and self-evaluation, is designed to create the conditions for innovative attitudes of the employees, even under strict the organizational regime. Creative employees can introduce their ideas in the film.

But the procedure gives all the employees (even less creative ones) the chance to participate creatively in the company transformation.

It is always an occasion for the section managers to rethink the work-organisation. This organizational technique makes the company management willing to accept new ideas and innovations. One of the basic aims of the Audit is enabling the employees to achieve their personal development and use their skills in solving the changing problems at work.

Company Development Strategy

In the proposed approach the enterprise is seen as an autonomous entity which can developitself willfully and thus enrich its abilities to influence the outcome of the ?game with the environment?. Designing the future of the company is the fundamental way of shaping its development. The strategy can be defined as a set of the ideas which enable the enterprise to achieve higher profit and thus higher level of autonomy. Consequently the enterprise is to function more effectively. In the light of willful creativity concept higher profit is result of introducing new, more efficient organizational structure.

We propose a workshop training method to design the company development strategy, which relies on planning and introducing procedures inspiring the employees creativity. The company management caring about the staff development and organizational structure, systematically deepening in-company cooperation, truly anticipates the company creative development. Procedures which ensure enough autonomy lead to new ideas and company evolution.

The innovative managers have to make sure that the structures and the organizational procedures give the staff a chance to create and institute new ideas.