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For Individuals

Personal Development Academy

It is a school of trainers and administrators whose mission is widely understood human development. The participants of trainings undertake deliberate effort to develop their awareness of values, emotions, will to act and particularly they recognize their own potential to work with another person. Moreover they acquire methodology and valuable practical skills in running group workshops leading to personal development. They go through subsequent levels of training and work systematically and consciously on their own development and broaden their training competence.

The dynamic development of AHE and the significant increase in the number of students has created the need to educate more trainers prepared to implement personal development while working with their students. It is this need that has resulted in founding Personal Development Academy. Each year more and more people take part in the training courses. This wide interest can be explained by the fact that contemporary people feel a great need to work upon their own personal development as well as broaden their own autonomy.

Up till now the Academy has instructed 250 Personal Development Animators, has given 40 Junior Trainer, 6 Trainer and 11 Training Consultant degrees.

Entrepreneurship Animator

This is a course intended to educate managers who will practice management through autonomy (or ?subjective management?), i. e. in a way which promotes the autonomy of members of an organization. Autonomy is understood as awareness of one?s active, creative role in reality, thus taking responsibility for one?s creative self-development, active shaping of one?s organizational role.

We are convinced that such way of management ? giving the employees freedom to make their own decisions, deciding their role in an organization, and shaping organizational ties, choosing a way and period of performing the given tasks, and co-deciding about the direction of a company development ? not only brings the employees benefits (promotes creative, innovative attitude, favourits realization of one?s own objectives) but is also a highly effective way of managing a company. Such way of management introduces an atmosphere of trust, openness, equality into a company, favours good communication and which is most essential, flattens hierarchic organizational structure, allowing an organization to remain flexible in turbulent economic conditions.

Managers practicing management through autonomy have to, most of all, be a creative people themselves, must be aware of their autonomy, actively shape their area of responsibility in an organization. We therefore think that economic objectives of a company go hand with personal development of its employees.

The course is aimed at educating people who could not only transform the situation faced in management process into employees self-development (e. g. creative problem-solving) but would also be people who consciously enrich their own personality. We are certain that the designed studies educate not only highly qualified managers caring for their continuous development but they will also be able to creativelyorganize their own work-place and able to meet the expectations of the changing work market. Thus, the idea of lifelong learning is particularly close to our concept.