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Creativity and Entrepreneurship Centre - How many people do we educate?

The Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (AHE)

There are 25.000 students at AHE. All of them take part in willful creativity trainings. Our efforts are directed towards deepening their awareness and creative attitude throughout the course of studies. All the curricula include various educational propositions prepared in accordance with the idea of willful creativity.

To perfect the concept and exchange experiences we have established a multidisciplinary Chair of Personal Development in which both practitioners (trainers, artists, psychologists) and theoreticians such as philosophers are engaged in the idea of personal development.

The aims of such education at AHE are the following:

  • Developing innovative and open attitudes
  • Developing students and teachers self-awareness
  • Arousing the need of self-development
  • Promoting the new role of a teacher as a facilitator of personal development
  • Promoting learner-teacher dialogical relationship enabling creative communication
  • Parallel development of both learner and teacher