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Wilful Creativity Concept
Wilful Creativity Concept

The idea of willful creativity stems from the very fundamental belief that no matter how far (biological, social)determination of a man is pushed, there is always a room for our individual, autonomous decision. In other words, although forced by external circumstances a man can put final, decisive stamp on his behaviour.

This deeply humanistic belief is in opposition to those reductionistic trends in modern science and philosophy which try to prove that human behaviour is determined by the factors one cannot control. No matter how deeply can science penetrate the mechanisms governing human behaviour, there always remains the area of conscious, free decision which cannot be scientifically described.

Developing awareness of this free decision potential is the aim of willful creativity and the basis of strengthening human autonomy. Thus enriching the traditional model of education with so-far-neglected area of autonomy and its awareness is crucial for personal development education.

There is of course the idea of personal development in traditional education, it is however viewed ? according to the maxim ?learn and you will develop? ? as a derivative of the acquired knowledge, thus the development becomes somehow accidental. Our proposed model of teaching goes in opposite direction ? ?develop and you will learn better? ? so broadening autonomy becomes willful and deliberate.