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Creativity and Entrepreneurship Centre - Who are we

Creativity and Enterpreneurship Centre CEC

Creativity and Enterpreneurship Centre is part of AHE that provides the realization of wilful creativity idea. We have 40 trainers employed in Creativity and Enterpreneurship Centre. There are also around 100 co-operating trainers spread all over Poland.

The Mission of CEC

The aim of educational programmes proposed by The Centre is enriching personal dispositions, thus giving people a chance to solve problems they face in their lives in the very creative way. Personal dispositions development in traditional programmes was not willful and resulted from a deeply rooted exaggerated attitude towards cognition of the environment. The outcome of such assumption is that we treat ourselves as all determined objects in the world, neglecting human free will.
The idea of willful creativity insist on deliberate effort leading to development of one?s one dispositions to change the environment. New dispositions may enrich the person in the very essential way, thus enhancing the autonomy.

Main CEC Educational Areas:

1. AHE Students

2. AHE Employees:
- Personal Development Workshops

3. AHE Educational Staff:
- Theme workshops (e. g. Project Based Learning Method, Dealing with Difficult Situations)
- Enterpreneurship Animator

4. External Clients:
- Teachers: Personal Development Academy
- Companies: Audit and Strategy workshops
- Innovative Management postgraduate studies

So far total amount of 50.000 people took part in our courses.